Mediocre, average at best, just ok, decent. Those are all words or phrases to describe recently signed veteran quarterback Josh McCown. McCown, 35, is the definition of a journeyman. He’s played on now nine different NFL teams, and even made a stop in the United Football League (that doesn’t exist anymore) as a member of the Hartford Colonials in 2010.

The Browns brass see McCown as a great veteran leader to help guide Johnny Manziel or another young quarterback make the tough transition from college into the NFL. The joke is that the Browns changing the logo is about as exciting as this signing. It’s not so much of a joke as the simple truth.

Browns fans want something to believe in, a player that gives us hope for the future. Like it or not, Johnny Manziel was that glowing ray of light through all of those dark Cleveland clouds last May. This year, Josh McCown is not that.

So now the questions:

Will McCown start?

Will Johnny Manziel listen or learn from him?

Was he worth 5 mil a year for three seasons?

Why McCown over the incumbent Brian Hoyer?

Does this mean the Browns aren’t drafting another quarterback?

The saying goes, “same s**t, different year.” And it describes the Browns perfectly. If he starts, McCown will be the 23rd quarterback to take that first snap in a Browns uniform since ’99.

The problem is that it’s not like McCown has an illustrious career with another team, and is simply winding down here in Cleveland. He has been average his entire career, with never a true sense of how to successfully play the quarterback position.

McCown eating some shaved ice. Yum.
McCown eating some shaved ice. Yum.

Most of you parents had, are currently paying a lot of money for, or are saving up for your children to go to college. Would you like for them to learn physics from a professor that never truly had a complete grasp of the concept? A mathematician that occasionally gets his 6’s and 9’s mixed up?

No! No! No! You wouldn’t.

For the sake of Johnny Manziel and/or another young quarterback, why ON EARTH would you want them to learn from a quarterback that has been nothing more than middle of the road his entire career?

It was the same with Brian Hoyer! He never really accomplished anything in this league, yet Johnny Manziel is expected to a learn from him standing on the sideline with a clipboard. That’s silly! Incredibly ridiculous on the Browns part.

Packers star quarterback Aaron Rogers learning from Brett Favre was always the argument on why Manziel should sit and learn. Unfortunately, Hoyer and now McCown are not even in the same universe as the future hall of famer. Rogers was learning from someone who had truly mastered the quarterback position. An expert. Clearly, these days, it shows.

You learn from example! None of this BS “leadership,” “character,” or “good morale” garbage. That’s all important, but it comes secondary to the actual performance on the football field.

If you asked Ray Farmer or JH3 or even coach Pettine, “Would you like your children learning a subject from a teacher that wasn’t an expert at it?” Their answer would be: HELL NO!

Josh McCown is just another “band-aid,” if you will, to try and cover up a massive wound. Good luck, Jimmy, Ray and company. ‘Cause McCown isn’t the answer.

-Zach Shafron

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