As Expected: EE Breaks Out of Slump

Updated: May 30, 2017

There was a big concern among Indians fans at the start of the season with Edwin Encarnacion in a slump. I stuck through it and said in previous articles that he would get out of it once he settled down and got comfortable in Cleveland. 

Now he is turning it around and the Indians are heating up.

Encarnacion has really picked up his game at the plate and has gotten a hit in nine straight outings. This is the level of play he can bring night in and night out and what the Indians will need come October.

When he hits the ball well the whole team feels the effect. In part, due to his nine-game hitting streak, the Indians have won their last three games in a row. The big Edwin slump is officially in the past and the team will only go up from here. The Indians will continue to improve and should be ready come October.

On the year, he’s now hitting .232 with 10 HR and 22 RBI, but he was floating around the Mendoza line for much of the early going. Additionally, his OBP is .349 due to his 30 walks.

Glad to have Edwin Encarnacion hitting the ball well!

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