It’s late November, and the Browns are the most exciting team in Cleveland right now.  You read that correctly, the Browns are putting the most excitement into the city of Cleveland.  Most would have expected the Cavaliers to be the most exciting team on the shores of Lake Erie right now.  LeBron James returned, the Cavs traded for Kevin Love, got a coach who had won all over the globe; everyone expected it to be all systems go.  That has been the farthest thing from what has happened.  From an opening night loss to the abysmal New York Knicks, to tonight’s blowing of an 18 point lead, the Cavs are 5-7.  Everyone is concerned, and maybe we have a reason to be.  This team has essentially given no effort at times and has the chemistry of 5 guys playing pick up basketball at a gym on a college campus.  Does that give a reason to totally be worried though? I think not.

The Cavaliers have struggled against some pretty decent competition this year.  The Trail Blazers, Bulls, Wizards, Spurs, Raptors, and Hawks all made the playoffs last season.  In games against these teams the Cavaliers have to play well.  In six games against last season’s playoff contenders, they are 2-4.  Most of these teams have a set of guys who have been teammates for at least a season now, while the Cavs have not.  I know that it is only November, and I personally am not worried about this team.  They will right the ship and still earn a top 3 seed in the playoffs. It’s the Eastern Conference after all.  If they want to not have to dig themselves out of a deep hole in March, they need to get it together.  It is almost painful to watch this team try and play defense right now.  They look dazed and confused out there playing defense.  They are 23rd in points allowed, giving up 102.0 per game.  We also need to consider that Lebron’s first season with the Heat did not start out the way many would have predicted.  No one is going to go 82-0 in the NBA, and this Cavalier team is no exception.  LeBron even said it in his letter, that he was coming home and  change won’t happen overnight.  It is going to be a process.  LeBron has said that leading this Cavaliers team is the hardest thing he has ever had to do in his career.  He will get this team headed the right way.  It might take some time for them to gel and get chemistry, because this is essentially a brand new team, and the lofty expectations that were set for this team won’t just happen overnight.  As Lebron spelled it out for everyone last week, R-E-L-A-X, Relax.


Ian Tumey


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