Any great NFL team is built, in part, from consistently great drafting. Each selection has the potential to change the franchise, for better or worse in the coming years. The combine, pro-day and of course all of the college highlights will play into the thought process. However, it’ll be the play on the field that ultimately decides if it’s a bang or a bust.

Since their reinstatement in ’99, the Browns have swung and missed a few too many times on draft day. Tim Couch, Gerrard Warren, Braylon Edwards and countless others just never panned out for various reasons here in Browns Town. Their potential so high, but the disappointment just that much lower.

Wow! Does 2014 looks promising. I know we say that every single year, but our selections in the first round at #4 and #26 are so valuable. It’s two potential players that have the chance to change Cleveland football forever. Giving it all they’ve got, every single down, for hopefully a decade.

And then there’s our later picks at #35, #71, #83, #106, #127, #145, #180, & #218. These selections may not necessarily be the headline names the media has been talking about for what seems like forever, but the list of players in the later rounds that have become stars in the league has grown very, very large over the years.

It could be quarterback Johnny Manziel, wide receiver Sammy Watkins or even a guy that hasn’t been talked about once. At this point, no one has a clue what in the world is going happen once the picks start flying in.

As a die-hard Browns fan, there’s just something about this year that leads me to believe that we will find the guy to change the franchise for the better. It’ll be a player that becomes the face of Cleveland Browns football. The guy that everyone looks forward to watching each Sunday.

Come draft night, we’ll ask – “Are you the one?”

-Zach Shafron

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