Are The Browns Suffering Without Myles Garrett?

In short, yes.

Before the incident, Garrett had 29 tackles, 10 sacks and two forced fumbles via ESPN. Those are solid for 10 weeks this season at defensive end.

Here’s what should happen.

A suspension for this season and only this season. Allow Garrett to come back for the beginning of next season. However, according to a reputable¬†online betting¬†source, the Browns’ current playoff odds (without Garrett) is listed at +900. Just last week, their odds were +250. They are barely hanging in the top ten contenders spot. Without the team’s best defensive play, it may cost their chances of actually getting into the playoffs.

Mason Rudolph should be suspended for a few games himself. If
Rudolph didn’t do anything of those aforementioned acts, the helmet
swing doesn’t occur. Rudolph instigated and fanned the flames of
this and got away with a small fine.

Lastly, Myles Garrett appears to be a good person. He likes dogs and dinosaurs. This is his first offense and that should be taken into account, as well.

The Browns are losing games because Myles Garrett, one of the best defensive players in the league, is not on the field for the remainder of the season.

Last week against the Steelers, a third-string quarterback was able to beat the Browns. That’s embarrassing and one has to think Garrett’s absence plays a part. Look for the fact that the former #1 being out to hurt this team even more as the season comes to a close.

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