Well, we’ve finally made it. Our holy grail has arrived, or at least this year.

It’s April, what more could a Cleveland sports fan ask for? MLB Opening Day is April 5th. The NBA playoffs begin April 18th, and the NFL Draft begins on April 30th. Not to mention that this year we’ve really lucked out.

The Cavs have locked up a playoff spot. After a five year hiatus, we’ve finally returned. (Obviously, I think the coaching staff is to blame, our talent hasn’t really improve recently or any thing like that). The Cavs locked up their playoff spot with a March 20th win over the Pacers, and that was only one of the highlights of last month. The Cavs only lost four times in March, and have an 8-2 record in the past 10 games. They are ready to take the Eastern Conference by storm, and I think we’re all excited to see how they play in the postseason once again.

Don’t sleep on the Tribe this year either.

The Indians’ opening day is April 6th. We lucked out this year as we open against the Houston Astros, who finished 70-92 last season compared to our 85-77 mark. Not only do we start our season against a weak team, but if you’re to believe Sports Illustrated, this might be the year. I’m not suggesting that the Indians win it all this year, but I do believe that this is a new Tribe team with a huge drive. Whether or not the Indians do turn out to great, we can still believe for this short period of time called April that we could be the best in the entire league. Get ready for baseball.

To top it all off, the climax of a Browns fan’s year: The NFL Draft. T

This is where all hope for the team either gets squashed in 30 minutes or gets brought up……and then squashed in the fall. Nevertheless, the hype is insane beforehand. The Cleveland fans find new respect for our front office and we trust in them to make the right selections accordingly. And this year, we’ve got two opportunities to prove ourselves. Last year’s trade with Buffalo landed us the 19th pick and we also have the 12th selection (by our record) in a fairly deep draft. It creates an infinite number of possibilities for our front office. Whether we trade, draft two players that don’t fit our needs, or are actually productive this draft, every Browns fan will walk away with a different feeling about the team.

Sure, maybe the Indians don’t win the World Series this year. And maybe the Cavs don’t win the NBA Finals. Maybe the Browns won’t even go .500 this year. But it’s only April, and this month provides us with hope.

In April, we can still hope for the best.


–Max Alter, @CST_Max

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