Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Any Second Thoughts, LeBron?

In the Summer of 2016, LeBron James had it all. Coming back from down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers had finally won a championship. He was truly at the apex of his reign of being the King of Cleveland.

Two seasons later and he finds himself on the other side of the country, tied for 8th place with the Los Angeles Lakers and recovering from a nagging groin injury.

On Sunday night, the Cavs played in Los Angeles with a 12-game losing streak hanging over them. However, the road team found a way to win, miraculously.

The reason why I always doubted LeBron actually going to LA last summer was because of their supporting cast. As we saw on Sunday night, they are pretty bad. I mean, the Cavs were able to beat them which is saying something.

So LeBron is sitting on the bench watching his Lakers, keep in mind they are just clinging to a playoff spot, lose to his former team in the Cavs. And it has me wondering if The King has any regrets?

Of course, Los Angeles has its perks outside of just the basketball team, we all know that fact. It’s a nicer city, beautiful weather and many celebrities reside there. Compare that to Cleveland, which is, well, bland.

But I’d say many in Cleveland have another King to idolize at this stage…

Quarterback Baker Mayfield

Of course, we are all thankful for LeBron’s 11 years in Cleveland and especially the championship he won for this city back in 2016. But, he kind of ditched us…twice. Each time he left, our basketball team became extremely terrible.

I don’t think the people in Cleveland necessarily cling to LeBron, especially when we have another polarizing figure in Baker Mayfield for a team that matters more in the Browns.

LeBron will never be forgotten, obviously, but I do not necessarily see his career having the storybook ending I think many people in this city pictured when he came back in 2014.

It was that he would never leave again and no matter what, he would be loyal to this city. Sure, you can blame Dan Gilbert or some of the moves the Cavs made. However, no one put a gun to LeBron’s head and told him to leave this city again.

He chose to do so…

Now, his team is barely in the playoffs. They have very little chance to even make the NBA Finals and the LA roster is terrible.

Had LeBron stayed home, he’d still be beloved no matter what the Cavs did this year and they’d be near the top of the Eastern Conference. The fact that he left rubbed many off the wrong way.

I felt that 23 having to watch the Cavs beat the Lakers really stuck it to him and was sort of an “in your face” moment for a team that is absolutely terrible in Cleveland.

Simply put, I wonder if he ever regrets his decision and deep down yearns for the affection of the Cleveland fan base that is now focused on #6 instead of #23?

We may never know…

Images: Cavs

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