Antonio Brown, Myles Garrett and Where Do We Draw The Line?

I’ve written a lot about this Myles Garrett incident over the past few days. If you’d like to read my general opinion, feel free to CLICK HERE!

Anyway, I had seen a few posts about this theory and it drew my interest. Mainly because so many people are saying that if what Garrett did on the field, off the field; he’d get arrested for assault.

Well, if Garrett tackled a person on the street, he’d get arrested, too. It’s a violent game…

Nevertheless, this has to do with former Steelers wideout, Antonio Brown:

“While with the Steelers in 2014, (Antonio) Brown was returning a punt when Browns punter Spencer Lanning stood between him and the end zone. Instead of evading him, Brown decided the best course of action was to jump in the air and drop-kick Lanning, cleats-first.” – USA Today 


This leads me to question a few things.

Why was Antonio Brown so “cool” and “hip” for drop-kicking a player in the face with his cleats? Was it because this took place during the middle of a play?

Myles Garrett’s incident was regrettable, but what makes it so different than Brown’s? Well, Brown got fined 8.2K and Garrett is suspended indefinitely without pay. Obviously, we’re talking much more money.

A cleat to the face compared to a helmet to the head.

As time goes on, it is my belief that most people will start to soften their animosity towards Garrett. Isn’t it the case that times heals all? Plus, Mason Rudolph, the “victim” in this, is not innocent at all.

What I want to know is if football is going to embrace that it is an extremely violent sport? To ask of its players to 100% turn that on for the plays and off at all other times is inconceivable.

Frankly, this won’t be the last time something violent happens “outside” of the play, yet on the field. However, is the NFL going to ban that player for lashing out? Still, if the same action was taken during the play, well, simply a fine…or maybe even nothing.

I don’t see that as fair by any means.

Watch the highlight from SB Nation and you can decide. Notice how the guy speaks of AB as if he’s some sort of hero.

One thing I know for sure is that Myles Garrett is a great guy. No, what he did was not a smart move. I love how people condemn him pretending that they are perfect. I’ve lost my cool before and so has everyone else. Simply put, we lack the talent to be the number one pick in the draft, even getting the chance to wack Rudolph in the head with a helmet.

Next, the league office is going to make these guys put on flags. We already have enough of those.

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