Another Day, Another Story


When will the drama end? The answer is it won’t. Every time you turn around there seems to be more controversy with the Cavs. There is always somebody saying something the national media is going to blow way out of proportion.

Our Cleveland Cavaliers are the center of the sports universe. Every Cavs game is covered like it’s a playoff game. Every LeBron shot is scrutinized. If he passes the ball, he should’ve shot it. If he shot the ball, he should’ve  passed it. Every single move that the Cavs make on and off the court will be scrutinized.

After Friday’s win against the Nuggets, reports surfaced that Dion Waiters skipped the national anthem because he is a Muslim that hates America. First off just because you’re not out there for the National Anthem doesn’t mean you hate America. There could be a million reasons why he wasn’t out there. Whether or not Waiters is a Muslim is beside the point. I highly doubt that he skipped the National Anthem for religious reasons. This is the first time that any reports have come out that he’s skipped the National Anthem. Dion denied that he skips the singing of the National Anthem on Twitter .


I have no reason not believe him. I’m sure Dion loves America just as much as the rest of us do. And even if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be the first athlete to make a statement like this. Just look at Muhammad Ali. This doesn’t take away from Dion’s abilities on the floor. He is still a great scorer and a vital part of our team.

The national media will blow anything about this team out of proportion. Just a couple nights ago they reported LeBron and Kyrie weren’t getting along with each other and had “exchanged words” in the locker room. Who cares! Any sports team anywhere is going to have differences. It’s part of sports! There’s no team out there that doesn’t have disagreements. This doesn’t mean LeBron and Kyrie aren’t friends.

This is going to happen to any team that has LeBron James on it. Just let it go. Don’t worry about it. Stories like this are not going away, they will keep coming. Next week we’ll be talking about another ridiculous story that probably isn’t true. This is what we signed up for when we brought in LeBron and Love. Just embrace the crazy non-basketball related stories. And when you do start to get fed up with these stories just remember last year. This sure beats competing for the number one overall pick!

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