Another Day, Another BS LeBron Free Agency Report

With the Cavs on the brink of elimination in the NBA Finals, the talk of the major sports networks has already shifted towards LeBron’s free agency plans. While almost all of the talking heads at ESPN and Fox have contributed their own thoughts on where LeBron will end up, Stephen A Smith has been the most vocal. Which shouldn’t really be surprising to anyone.

His latest proclamation is that LeBron will meet with seven teams this offseason. The teams he listed are Cleveland, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, the Lakers, Boston and Golden State.

I’ll give credit where it’s due, picking almost a quarter of the league for his prediction is a fantastic strategy. The man knows how to play the odds.

He always does this solely for the clicks, but for some reason, he still gets shared all over the internet like he has some kind of insider info. That’s the part that kills me.

Can people really not see past his strategy here?

Nobody has any insider info right now. It’s all complete speculation. I don’t have any info myself either, but I can guarantee to you LeBron will not play for the Warriors or Boston next year. In fact, there’s no way he’d even meet with those teams. That’s why this report is so ridiculous. LeBron has already shut the rumor that he would consider joining the Warriors once. The idea that he’d join the Celtics is so insane that I doubt he will even address it. Though, part of me would love it if he left for Boston just to mess with Kyrie Irving.

To help put in perspective how unlikely it is for either to happen, the current odds of LeBron joining the Celtics are 20/1 and the Warriors are 18/1, per Odds Shark.

All I’m saying is everyone should know by now to not believe any of this. I don’t see how people can keep falling for this click-bait gimmick. Sadly, I know this won’t be the last time something like this will get spread around, even though it should be.

Image: ESPN

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