LeBron James was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week for the 3rd time this season and the 48th time in his career. This comes on the heels of being named an Eastern Conference starter and an impressive 6 game winning streak for the Cavs. Not a bad week for the King.

LeBron averaged 28/7/6 this week.  LBJ battled the flu earlier this week, but that didn’t hold him back. He led the Cavs in 2 huge wins over the Bulls and Jazz while being under the weather. He finished the week off with convincing wins over the Hornets and Thunder.

LeBron has dominated his competition since returning. He reminded us how great he can still be. Earlier in the season it appeared LeBron was getting older and had lost some of his explosiveness, but we were wrong. All he needed is some time off. Now he looks like a completely new player and is once again the most dominant player on the planet, that’s not good news for the rest of the league.

Congratulations LeBron. Let’s keep this winning streak going.


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