Anniversary: LeBron vs. DeShaun – What to Expect With This Case


On December 2nd of 2010, the war was on. Yes, it is the 12th anniversary tonight of LeBron James returning home to Cleveland as a member of the Miami Heat. As shown below, fans of the Cavs were not happy with his decision and the fact that Miami won the game, 118-90. LeBron dropped 38 points on 15/25 shooting, had five rebounds and eight assists in the affair.

Check out this angry 13-year-old:

Anyway, here were are in 2022 and LeBron is forgiven because he, of course, brought that historic title to Cleveland in 2016. Now, this city has a new superstar on a different team in quarterback DeShaun Watson for the Browns. He is making his return to the NFL and to Houston for his first game removed from an 11-game suspension.

There are plenty of storylines that this week’s game has to look for…

However, the actual competition against the 1-9-1 Texans should serve as a victory for the Browns. But, you never know with this team…

It’s everything else that has peoples’ attention.

Watson felt that Houston had no chance of winning a Super Bowl and thus wanted out of that city. He did talk to talk though…

“I’m trying to, of course, be legendary,” Watson told reporters on Aug. 21, 2020. “That’s my word since college and for me to be that I have to win a Super Bowl and definitely win it with the Houston Texans. We’ve never won one here before and we haven’t even come on the brink of winning one. We’ve got to get to that game before that, and then of course we can think about that. But, yeah, I’m trying to create history and continue that and make it a dynasty.”

Not to be the case as Watson ended up signing that five-year 230-million-dollar contract with the Browns that certainly had the fans in Houston upset about losing their quarterback to Cleveland.

The difference between this move and LeBron leaving the Cavs is that the Wine & Gold were actually contenders each and every year, unlike the Texans. The team would battle it out in the playoffs against the best of the best and make a case for contention. LBJ and company just simply didn’t have enough to win it all…

With everything that has happened with DeShaun and the allegations against him, the 11-game suspension and more, Watson has plenty of haters. That is going to show on Sunday and it is going to be a very hostile environment. It is very important for the starting quarterback to act exactly as LeBron did way back in 2010.

Play your game. Ignore the haters. Dominate and win the affair against honestly a very bad team. Expect three touchdowns and 300 yards passing from the Browns quarterback. He’ll truly show that he is ready to contend for a title.

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