Angels in the Outfield? More Like Injuries in the Infield!

What on earth is going on? Sunday afternoon brought more stomach werenchign news for the Cleveland Indians.

Only outs away from the season opener, Jose Ramirez fouled off a pitch that landed him with a contusion. His timetable has yet to be announced but it’s been announced already that he will be staying in Arizona to receive treatment.

This news compounded with the news from earlier in the Spring that Fransisco Lindor may miss extended time spells a disastrous infield for the Tribe going into their season opener on Thursday.

Another key starter for Cleveland, Jason Kipnis, will also miss extended time due to a calf injury. This may very well be Kipnis’ last season with the Tribe.

Looking ahead, the Indians depth chart may make you nauseous. Max Moroff, Eric Stamets and newly signed Brad Miller will all find an astronomical increase of playing time for possibly the first month of the season.

Cleveland may find themselves losing a handful of 1-0 or 2-0 games due to the lack of power or talent in the batting lineup. Cleveland fans have pushed and pleaded with the front office to acquire more talent in the outfield but at the start of the season, it seems as if it’s the infield that is hurting the most.

The Cleveland Indians lack depth at this point time and will soon regret not being active during free agency. The outfield is thin and the infield at the moment is even worse.

Cleveland was able to get through spring training without a scratch on their pitching staff, besides the always injured Danny Salazar. Losing bats in free agency and trading them away to open up cap space was a bad idea at the moment but is even worse now.

In due time the Indians will be back to full health and ready to compete for yet another divisional title. But may the sluggish start hurt the Indians in the long term? Will the injuries suffered this spring come back and bite them in the ass?

IMAGE VIA: Sue Ogrocki AP

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