Andrew Luck and What Lessons it Gives

Former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has officially retired from the NFL right before his 8th season. The Stanford graduate hasn’t even reached the age of 30 and is already done.

It was a shock to everyone.

Now, I understand the grit and the grind that comes with playing in the NFL. After all, Luck missed all of the 2017 season with a shoulder injury and has endured a plethora of injuries.

My problem is that Luck has three years left on his contract when this decision was made. As of now, it does not appear he has any type of disease like cancer or whatnot that would prevent him from playing…

A contract is signed by a player for a reason.

It would be one thing if Luck was a free agent and decided to retire. However, he is really screwing over the Colts Organization, their fans and millions of fantasy football players, too.

I fear other players will follow what Luck did and go against the contract that was signed.

Looking from a different angle and it teaches young people that finishing a commitment isn’t that important. In reality, it is. Millions of dollars may not be on the table for your average-joe, but it still counts for something.

In this day-in-age, many are coming to Luck’s defense and I understand why. However, if it were a player on your team, like Baker Mayfield for the Browns, I feel the opinions would be a lot different on the said player than on Luck.

Football is a hard sport.

It takes a toll both mentally and physically. However, a contract is just that – an agreement. This goes against that and it is not a sound precedent.

Hopefully, Luck will find peace in retirement because clearly, football was troubling him. I just wish he was able to tough it out like I’m sure many other players have in the past.

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