THE BLOCK: Andre Iguodala is Still Salty? Should He Be?


I still get tingly inside when I think about it.


Of course, every Cleveland fan has such mixed emotions about LeBron James. He was amazing, left, we hated him, he came back, won the title, left again and is still playing now on LA. My final draw on King James is that because he won the Cavs a title, made good on his promise; we are cool.

I know, LeBron cares so much how I feel about him.

Certainly, Kyrie Irving’s play in those Finals and The Shot he made deserve the ultimate respect. Here is the thing…that play gets the respect of all fans, too.

The Shot never happens without The Block. The way LeBron leaps in the air, full-extension, pins the ball on the glass without fouling or goaltending. It’s amazing. One of the best plays in all of sports history.

It was a low blow for this reporter to ask Iggy about a play that the man likely doesn’t want to look back upon all these years later. However, to completely deflect the question is cowardly also.

Why not just say, “It was a great play by a great player” ?

The End.

All the athletes and people in the spotlight in general give BS answers. I respect Iggy as a man and a player that has had a successful career for many years. Simply surprised at that answer.

Another person that deserves some credit is JR Smith. He was able to re-direct the way Iggy was going towards the hoop and because of this allowed for The Block to happen.

The Cavs may not be a good team this year, we shall see. However, that play and moment in history will never be taken away. The team came back from down three games to one and beat the Warriors to win the 2016 NBA Finals.

The Block made it all possible.

Wipe up your tears, Iggy. Rejection is tough. Regardless, be real about it.


Here is the video of the play for you to watch over and over again. PLUS…

Years ago I wrote another article on this same very play:


Image and vid via NBA

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