Seems that this should settle the “who’s the best big man in the NBA?” debate.

Or, at the very least, “who’s the best big man in virtual basketball” for certain.

The NBA, ESPN and a company called Take-Two Interactive collaborated to select sixteen NBA big-names to participate in an NBA 2K tournament. One of the first-round matchups featured Cavaliers center Andre Drummond taking on DeMarcus Cousins. Players were seeded based on how highly they were ranked in the video game. Drummond got a six seed and Cousins received the eleven seed.

After halftime, Drummond, who was playing as the Los Angeles Lakers, absolutely annihilated DeMarcus Cousins, who chose the Brooklyn Nets. Funny enough, Drummond had just a seven-point lead at halftime. Perhaps he found a way to give his players steroids or put something in their water because the second half made it seem like Cousins just put his controller down. Drummond ended up blowing him out by a final tally of 101-49. No other game that happened in the first round was even remotely close to the magnitude of how thoroughly Drummond destroyed Cousins.



If Drummond’s first-round performance is at all indicative of his skill at the game and it wasn’t just Cousins playing really poorly, Drummond’s next opponent in Patrick Beverly may as well just go home.

Then again, given how the Coronavirus Pandemic is keeping people at home, perhaps boredom will influence Beverly to also go and get embarrassed.

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