Dear Dion,

Welcome back to Cleveland. Your favorite place.

I gotta be honest, man. You were far and away my favorite player on the team. I had you as my phone background, and would pretend to be you while shooting at the gym.

However, just like Johnny Manziel, it seems like I have to defend all of the players that I like for simply stupid and completely egregious reasons.

First of all, Dion. You are not better than point guard Kyrie Irving. There is no argument or reasonable explanation for why you would think that, let alone say it.

You know, we were always just waiting for you to explode into this amazing 6th man that took over games with fantastic displays of shooting. It rarely happened.

You’re a selfish player that has an “I over us” attitude. In OKC you can pretend like you’re all for the team, but we Cleveland fans know the truth. For the first couple of weeks it’ll be easy for you to fit in, but after a while your old tendencies will seep out.

Dion, you could’ve had it all here. A potential sixth man of the year on a team destined for the title. But no. You put yourself first, and that’s a recipe for disaster on any sports team.

We’ve got a new guy here in Cleveland, and his name is J.R. Smith. Dubbed to actually be a lesser¬†version of you, he, unlike you, has decided to buy into the Cavaliers system. Oh, and he consistently makes jumpers, too.

The saddest part is that I’ve defended you for years, always hoping you’d change. Sometimes, a person just simply doesn’t have that ability. Amazingly, we’re much better off without you.

Enjoy your time with an OKC team that’s never been able to get over that hump. Their biggest mistake was letting James Harden go. Foolish to think you’d be any type of a replacement.

-Zach Shafron

P.S. I will miss seeing the Rocky Statue in the intro.

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