Alas, our sole free agent is likely gone. And the impact on his loss could be rather overlooked.

That free agent?

Jason Giambi.

A part of me has both a lot as well as a little to say about him. He was both a signing that hurt and helped the Indians.

But with all that said, he shall never be forgotten.

Giambi has a colored past. The casual baseball fan may not know he was one of the many to be caught for PED usage in 2003 and admitted to using it in the offseasons of 2001-2003. Giambi was one of the people who “tainted baseball” as said by many. Whether or not it was true, he did indeed come out and show remorse, apologizing to his fans, media, and baseball as a whole. Giambi was part of an era that was vastly seen as the black mark on the game of professional baseball. Yet in my opinion, he’s paid his dues and has earned the respect in this city.

His 2014 season was less than inspiring and frankly his offensive play hurt this team more often than he did help it. He played in a mere 26 games and collected only a mere 8 hits in 70 Plate Appearances. So why will his impact truly be a loss?

Giambi became more than just a clutch bat in his time in Cleveland. He became an excellent teammate, a leader, and most of all a mentor to a clubhouse without any significant path. I stand by saying without Jason Giambi in 2013, the Indians do not even come close to the playoffs. I am talking more than just the most memorable moment of the 2013 season, upon which he hit a 2 out 2-run walkoff where we trailed 4-3 in a game that mattered so much and had to that point appeared like we had completely blown it. Giambi provided a veteran that was almost an extended version of Terry Francona. His voice and actions continued to inspire a club that has seemingly never given up.

Giambi provided  hope to a team that needed it, and his impact will never be forgotten.

So whatever he chooses to do, whether it is hang up the cleats and retire or continue playing elsewhere, best of luck Giambi.

Thanks for the memories.

Roll Tribe.

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