America’s Forgotten Rivalry

Sunday’s 49-38 win in Dallas got me thinking not only about the future for the Browns but also the past. The first time the Browns faced off with “Americas team” was 60 years ago. No other game has mattered or will matter like the game played on the 24th of November 1963 in Dallas. This game was played just two days after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

When people say football is more than a game, this is exactly what they mean. In the face of a national tragedy and a hail of boos directed at the Cowboys, both teams took the field in Cleveland. The Browns ended up beating the Cowboys that day,    27-17.

Since this horrible event, Cleveland and Dallas have met and battled it out 25 times. Out of a national tragedy, one of America’s greatest rivalries was born. In the 1960s, some of the greatest games were played between both teams. 1967 saw the Browns suffer the worst loss in rivalry history with a score of 52-14. This loss was a shock to Cleveland who previously went 7-0 against the Cowboys.

One of the lowest-scoring games in NFL history was recorded against the Cowboys. The Browns lost that game 6-2 and four years later were met again with another loss, 41-17.

So what does this rivalry mean for the future of both teams?

After the massive win, there is hope. Despite losing the last four meetings, now a new page has been turned. The days of losing to the Cowboys are over for the Browns. 14 out of 25 times have resulted in a loss, but that is no more.

Bring on the greatest rivalry that has been forgotten.

We are ready.

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