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Love him or hate him. There seems to be little to no middle ground.
Obviously, I am talking about the King, LeBron James.

I was 7 years old when David Stern called LeBron’s name as the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft, to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Up until that point I spent all my time watching football games with my family, not basketball. However, as a kid living in Stow and Green, just outside of Akron, it was BIG news. The newspapers, everyone was talking about LeBron. My brothers got the video game, just so we could play with LeBron. And then he played. And he was good. If it had not been for LeBron James, I would not have ever become a basketball fan.

I remember the playoffs leading up to the finals very well. Daniel “Boobie” Gibson hit clutch 3 after clutch 3 and was one of my favorite players. It was a truly amazing run. Then the Finals happened. I watched all four of those games. They were each heartbreaking.

After the finals, my hope went up. I felt like we had enough to get back.

In 2009 my excitement peaked. I watched every game I could. I felt that was the best shot Cleveland ever had at winning a championship.

First we had a 61 win season. 2nd we had some talent: LeBron James, Mo Williams, Young J.J Hickson, Big Z, rookie Danny Green, Antwain Jamison from the Wizards, Wild Thing, and Delonte West (who played pretty well)

That crew isn’t a All-Star cast by any means, but it was a solid rotation. I mostly blame our loss to coach Mike Brown. I feel like he didn’t make defensive adjustments on Howard, and Hedo Turkoglu.

Fast Forward to the Decision. I was at my cousins house. I heard “I’m taking my talents to South Beach” and I ran home. I sat in my room and looked at the big poster on my wall. I wondered how he could do something like that. I was 14 years old. My role model, favorite player, just left my team. I couldn’t comprehend it at the time.

Although I wish he would have stayed in Cleveland, being 18 years old, I can start to understand why he left. He felt like that’s what he needed for his career at that time.

And he has done well in Miami. By no means can anyone look at the last four years of the Heat and call them a failure. They may have not lived up to expectations, but they were expected to win every year, while the rest of the league cheered against them. LeBron never wanted to play the villain. He said it didn’t bother him in his first year with Miami, but anyone who watched him play knew better.

Now he can be the hero.

Will he step up to the occasion? He could. Hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for the official decision. Myself included. I imagine its going to come soon, so his team of choice has time to sign players who will sign for less with the King signing on.

I have loved LeBron since I was a kid. Not to be too overly optimistic, but I just feel if he comes back to Cleveland now, it would be like one more thing would be right with the universe. Its meant to be. Peanut butter and jelly, cereal and milk, Miley Cyrus and Twerking, LeBron James and Cleveland.

I do not see him going anywhere but Cleveland or Miami. And if he goes to Miami I would only expect a 1-3 year deal. I believe he WANTS to be play here. He WANTS to win here. LeBron cares about his legacy, so I don’t see him going to a third team.

As far as the Cavs go, It appears like their Free Agency is pointing to a comeback. First resign Kyrie to an extension. They also let Hawes and C.J. Miles walk, saving them tons of money. They have retained Brons good friend Anderson Varejao.

As far as LeBron James legacy, in my opinion, can he be the best ever? Yes he still can. He has to come home and win. If he wins one in Cleveland, a Championship-less city since 1964, Cleveland will think he is the best ever. (In case you don’t know your history LBJ was president in 1964, in case you really don’t know your history LBJ was Lyndon B. Johnson, not LeBron James people) If he wins 2 in Cleveland, more will recognize him as best ever. For me the magic number is 3 in Cleveland. He then becomes better than Jordan. And honestly with this group 3 is not out of the question. The Spurs have to die off eventually. The Lakers are a mess. Rockets and Thunder will be two tough competitors. But this Cavalier team is better than Miami’s of last season. Even after 3 however, it will be debated. I do not believe LeBron will be unanimous best as Jordan is now. Chicago will never recognize LeBron’s ultimate greatness.

I still am a LeBron James fan. I hope that he comes back. And I believe that he will come back 100%. No, I’m not being optimistic either. There are signs. In the coming week we will all see.

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