All I Am Saying is Give Brock a Chance

Hey, Cleveland! The wait is nearly over. On Thursday, August 10 our Browns kick off preseason play against the New Orleans Saints at First Energy Stadium. Coach Hue and company announced that he would be turning to five-year veteran, Brock Osweiler to make a start at quarterback. And the crowd goes… probably not wild.

Since March 9, when Osweiler joined the team, there has not been an overwhelming response to his presence here in Cleveland. To be honest, there were a few times I forgot he was with the team. Most mentions of Osweiler tend to refer to his Super Bowl ring or his underwhelming play for the Texans.

Now that Hue has given Brock the nod at QB, I say we should give the guy a chance. I’m not basing this on some misguided hopefulness or insider information. I’d like the city to give Brock a chance because how much worse could he seriously be?

Take a quick trip with me back to 2016. It was most clearly “the year of the quarterback.” And I don’t mean that in a good way. Can anyone else remember the image of a lineup of injured and bewildered Browns quarterbacks? In case you have forgotten or tried to forget, we had seven different men make attempts to be the Browns last season. Players on this distinguished list were:

• Cody Kessler
• Josh McCown
• Robert Griffin III
• Charlie Whitehurst
• Kevin Hogan
• Terrelle Pryor Sr.
• Duke Johnson Jr. (ok, to be fair, Duke only had one failed attempted pass)

How does this tie in with Osweiler you ask? I’ll let analytics answer for me.
Osweiler’s stats from last season are not the stuff legends are made of by a long shot. They are the low end of mediocre, not horrible. They are also quite comparable with the COMBINED work of our complete stable of quarterbacks. Take a look.

OSWEILER   15 TD       16 INT       2,957 YDS     72.2 QBR

BROWNS       15 TD      14 INT       3,693  YDS        77.4 QBR (combined rating)

So, while our collection of seven men taking a turn at quarterback fared slightly better in both yards and rating, I believe that plugging these stats into a rejuvenated Brown’s team could make us better all the way around. If nothing else, some sort of consistency in the QB position should help us put points on the board.

Regardless what you think Hue Jackson should have done with the quarterback position, he is steering the ship. So, give Osweiler a fair chance, we can only go up from here.


Shelley Harcar is a Senior Writer for Cleveland Sports Talk

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