All He Did Was Win, and All They Did Was Hate.


I’m far from a diehard Brian Hoyer fan, nor am I a diehard Johnny Manziel fan. Frankly, what I am is a diehard Browns fan.

I’ve rooted for both Manziel and Hoyer, but most of all, all I wanted was for the Browns to win.

That is all they’ve done. 7 wins is the most wins the Browns have had in 7 years, and they likely aren’t stopping at 7 wins.

I do not know what will happen regarding the starting Quarterback situation, nor am I rooting for one or the other. However, I will admit I am a fan of what Hoyer has represented.

Hoyer is the only quarterback since 1999 to have an above .500 record. He has had his ups and downs, he’s struggled, and frankly there are times when he just straight up appeared bad. Yet, when it mattered and we needed him most he came through. His play in the 4th quarter has been unbelievable, and he has turned a team that many people considered a bottom-dweller to a team that is in the midst of playoff contention for the legitimate first time since 2007. Hoyer is Cleveland-born, and provided hope to a city so bereft of hope for the Browns. Normally a month ago we would’ve been talking about who we may get with our first round pick and overall who we should and might get in the upcoming free agency period.

Yet, here we are in December talking the potential of playoff football.

Who is responsible for this?

You can make the argument for Mike Pettine, but the most likely answer is undoubtedly Brian Hoyer.

Did you know this guy has been playing where his best Running back is a UDFA (No disrespect to Crowell, he has been unbelievable) and his two best receivers have been vastly Miles Austin and Andrew Hawkins? Yet he still has us at 7-5.

(I am far from making excuses for the missed plays, interceptions, or even awful completion percentage.)

I do not believe he is a franchise Quarterback, nor do I believe he is the long-term answer. Yet, so many people were willing to cast him aside for Manziel the minute Hoyer played badly. Would Browns fans have been as eager to throw Hoyer aside if we had drafted Teddy Bridgewater instead of Johnny? (A part of me feels the eagerness would not have been as high as it is to do as such).

So many Browns fans were actually betting on Brian failing, some even wanted him to fail. Hoyer has had his ups and downs, successes and failures, and even points where he has looked unbelievably good.

I have one thing to say in overall conclusion to those fans.

Johnny Manziel may just be the future of the team, but for one time could you have just sat down and enjoyed the present?

Brian Hoyer has provided optimism and overall joy in Cleveland regarding Browns football, and we are in December. Frankly, that is something in itself to be truly grateful for.

Brian Hoyer might be done in Cleveland, but to fans such as I, he will never be forgotten.

He was a winner,

Thanks for the memories, Brian.

Go Browns.

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