Over the weekend, free agent Alex Mack traveled to Jacksonville to meet with the Jaguars. The center left the facility without a contract offer, but it doesn’t mean the get-together was unsuccessful. Despite what happens next, people shouldn’t worry about Cleveland losing their Pro Bowl center.

In the event that Jacksonville produces a front loaded contract, including bonuses, Cleveland has roughly six million dollars more to spend than the Jaguars or any other team. It would almost be impossible to assemble a contract the Browns would not match. Some of the numbers being thrown around is $22 million over three years, which Cleveland would match without hesitation.

Furthermore, why would Alex Mack even visit a team like Jacksonville? Their franchise is just as unfortunate as ours is. There was an ESPN debate on which franchise is worse and nearly all the analysts suggested that Cleveland was in better shape.

Although this may be true, both teams have struggled in recent years and both haven’t registered a winning season since 2007. Over the past six years, Jacksonville’s best record produced was 8-8 coming in 2010 while Cleveland has finished with three 5-11 seasons and three 4-12 seasons.

Since neither team can grasp the concept of winning, changes are constantly being made. In the past five years, the Browns have featured three head coaches, including a new one this year. The Jaguars looked extremely identical hiring three coaches over the same period of time. Similarly, both franchises have seen a change in ownership in recent years.

Needless to say, successful change occurs when it starts from the top with ownership. Having a committed and focused owner is important in my eyes. Also, Jimmy Haslam isn’t afraid of spending money; these past two off-seasons are evidence of that.

For this reason, I believe Alex Mack will remain a Cleveland Brown whether it is just for another season or for the long haul.

– Max Gold

Image Credited to: www.cleveland.com

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