The Pro Bowl center traveled to Jacksonville last weekend and Wednesday agreed to a new contract. Once that signature is official, the clock will start ticking as Cleveland will have five days to decide to match Jacksonville’s offer. The thinking process begins now as Cleveland has a tough decision ahead.

Not only is the contract length extending over five years, but the financial terms have not been disclosed yet. Reports state that wherever Alex Mack will land, whether it is Jacksonville or Cleveland, he will become the National Football League’s highest paid center by a wide margin. Currently the highest paid is Carolina’s, Ryan Kalil, at $8.2 million per year.

Apparently, the one year, $10.039 million dollar contract wasn’t suitable while both parties worked out something long term. It is evident that Alex Mack wants to migrate south and leave the Browns for the Benjamins. Why else would you sign a deal with a worse franchise? Jacksonville clearly isn’t a contender at this time.

Under those circumstances, I say let him walk, heck even shove him out the door. It grinds my gears that the five year veteran wants to leave Cleveland. I believed Mack was the kind of man to stick it out in the rough times. I expected Mack to be an honest, hard-working man, but now I am just disappointed.

Surprisingly, our team has more puzzle pieces together than the Jaguars, who clearly have more holes in their squad. For this reason, Cleveland may not want another void to fill, but at what cost? How much is Alex Mack worth? Soon the financial terms will be released and everyone will be informed.

That being said, Cleveland will be criticized whether they let Alex Mack walk or overpay the Pro Bowl center. Cleveland is better off spreading the wealth and dishing out contacts to Joe Haden, Josh Gordon, and Jordan Cameron. Who knows, we can always draft another Alex Mack, can’t we?

-Max Gold

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