Alert: Potential For Bipolar Browns Fans


With the game against the Bills on Sunday and then a short week and a contest against the Steelers on Thursday night at home, just think about it.

Two wins and a record of 4-6 will have fans that are currently down in the dumps about the Browns back to being super excited about this team and their playoff potential.

Additionally, the following two games after that are against the Dolphins (who suck) and then in Pittsburgh against the Steelers.

Thus, it is not feasible to see the Browns back at .500 after the next four games. Now, with the way this season has gone that is a lot to ask for.

However, it is possible.

I would like to see a bit of what we expected heading into this season with all the hype and whatnot. Instead of the “same old Browns,” this team actually starts to click and produce.

First things first. Take care of the Bills.

Yes, they’re 6-2.

However, the game is at First Energy Stadium and I just have a good feeling about it.

Realistically, the Browns can only lose one more game this entire season for a shot at the playoffs. Undefeated would be best.

A man can dream…

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