After Showing Both My Grandmothers The Myles Garrett Incident:

I am very close with my grandmothers and I felt the need to show them both the Myles Garrett incident. ‘Cleveland Sports’ are just simply something their grandson enjoys and not a passion for them.

However, I was interested in what their reaction would be to seeing something so tangible to our real and terrible world. Of something that even people who do not watch the game of football or sports could understand (or not understand) completely.

Thus, I went through the process of showing each lady the highlight of what happened in the Thursday Night Football affair.

Via the replay, both women were shocked and appalled, with a few expressive Yiddish words sprinkled here and there, by what took place. One of my grandmothers even wanted Myles Garrett to go to jail for what he did to Mason Rudolph. Jeez…

What I found especially interesting about this situation is how it made news beyond the sporting world. It was even on shows that usually have nothing to do with sports and typically talk about politics such as Fox News. The last thing to make waves like this from the sporting world out was quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneeling for the National Anthem.

Frankly, the events that took place at the end of the Browns/Steelers game at First Energy Stadium are really unprecedented. It was shocking to see and it is even worse because it’s a player representing the Cleveland Browns. I am still saddened that Myles Garrett will not be on the field for the rest of the season, but especially that he had to take those horrible actions, albeit provoked.

Obviously, football is a violent game. That is why it is so crazy to have something take place physically abusive and not within the game itself. Regardless, it did take place on the football field and that is why I believe criminal charges are not going to be filed. Plus, Mason Rudolph completely instigated and that could come back to haunt him if investigated.

No, my grandmas are not jumping on the Browns train because of this play or the 21-7 win over the Steelers. They aren’t going to rally cry for a run the rest of the season in order to make the playoffs. But, it was so interesting to see how this rocked the regular world and made a dent, pardon the pun, on people that really don’t care about football.

Yes, they still want me to eat three meals a day.

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