As Clevelanders, I believe we can all agree, it’s about time Josh Tomlin is a starter in our rotation. Unfortunately, we began the season with Carlos Carrasco, who somehow won the fifth position during spring training. If no one has thanked manager Terry Francona yet, then let’s make it official, “Thank you Tito.”

Furthermore, Tomlin has proven himself in the span of two games, one at home against the Minnesota Twins and one on the road facing the Tampa Bay Rays. Questions surrounding his ability should diminish rapidly. The 29 year old pitched a minimum of six innings in both starts.

In addition to consecutive quality starts, Tomlin commanded the Cleveland Indians to victory. During these battles, the five year veteran racked up a meager 2.13 earn run average, while surrendering three runs on ten hits, including two solo homers. Tomlin is throwing strikes 67.5% of the time while amassing six strikeouts and one walk.

Needless to say, Josh Tomlin’s statistics surpass those of Carlos Carrasco, who appeared in seven games with four starts. The Venezuelan gift wrapped 17 runs for opposing teams while stockpiling a 5.81 earn run average. Carrasco now resides in the bullpen where I believe he can blossom and hone his skills.

Ultimately, this roster transaction could not have worked out better. Tomlin anchors down the tail end of the rotation while Carrasco strengthens the bullpen. Josh Tomlin will receive his next start at home versus Oakland.

Roll Tribe.

-Max Gold

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