February 28, 2024

Aaron Rodgers in Cleveland? Is it a Real Possibility?


The Cleveland Browns have had quite a tumultuous year. I think we all can agree on that fact as the team claws its way to try and make the playoffs. Some way, somehow, there is still a chance for the Browns to win the AFC North.

Frankly, the biggest struggle for this team sits at the quarterback position. The Browns just played the Green Bay Packers and lost by a score of 24-22.  Quarterback Baker Mayfield threw four, yes four, interceptions in the game. It was truly tough to watch the picks as well as the inaccuracy in general.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has the option to move on from Green Bay after this season. Thus, this could be like quarterback Tom Brady leaving New England and going to the Buccaneers. If the Browns had the opportunity to sign a veteran Rodgers that would dramatically transform the squad.

It would essentially be saying that the team is moving on from the Baker project, which is kind of sad. Baker is a good guy and it would have been great to see the Browns end up having Super Bowl success with him and his commercials.

In this game, Rodgers certainly took note of players such as RB Nick Chubb, WR Jarvis Landry, DE Myles Garrett amongst others on the Browns. It’s a squad that with a quarterback of Rodgers’ caliber has the potential to be great.

This year, Rodgers has thrown for 3689 yards, 33 touchdowns compared to four interceptions. On the flip side, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has 2825 yards, 15 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

Big difference.

The Browns would have to cough up a lot of money in order to sign Rodgers. Looking at the current contract, he’s signed for four years (three more years) and 134 million. Why would Rodgers head to another team unless he was getting that same type of cash?

Think about this, Aaron.

Cleveland has been yearning for a quarterback to lead this team to the promised land and win a Super Bowl for us all. From Brady Quinn to Johnny Manziel and now Baker Mayfield…everyone seems to fail. If you came to Cleveland, became the star quarterback here and won that coveted Super Bowl for this team?

You’d be like LeBron James on steroids. Practically a God.

In this scenario, there is a lot of decision-making…obviously. From the Packers front office to the Browns front office and Aaron Rodgers himself, this is not a simple deal.

We will certainly see what happens after the current season is finished and players start to move from place to place. Maybe just maybe the Browns will make a splash.

Is it a real possibility? Certainly. Will it happen? No guarantees.



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