A Theory on Why This John Beilein Drama is Occurring

Let me preface this article by saying this is purely a theory. I’ve heard no rumors and I have no “sources,” so take what’s next with a grain of salt. It’s nothing more than a thought  I put together after making observations throughout the season coupled with the current news surrounding Coach Beilein’s place within the team.

The 2019/20 season has been rough on the Cleveland Cavaliers. A slew of rookies and second-year players, disgruntled veterans, new coaching staff, and my favorite, #SlugGate. One of the most public dust-ups was when forward Kevin Love had an outburst on the court. Social media went ablaze blaming second-year guard Collin Sexton, but it was later revealed that his anger was geared towards coach Beilein’s play calling. Around that same time, it was revealed that someone (or several someones) weren’t happy with having him run the team. After that on the court miff, it was rumored that Love was the one holding animosity and for a while, the team was looking to trade him.

Fast forward to today, now it’s been revealed that the organization and Beilein may be choosing to part ways. There are many reasons this could potentially happen. However, several things have changed since then. Collin Sexton has looked more like a point guard, Kevin Porter Jr. is continually showcasing he was the steal of the draft and during the trade deadline, the Cavaliers acquired Andre Drummond. All of those things could very well be a sign of better things to come. It’s very likely that some of the vets and those within the organization see brighter days for the Cleveland Cavaliers and that includes Love.

I could see him going to the front office and pleading his case. Telling them how he and Drummond could form one of the best frontcourts in the league and with the proper development of the young guys, the team could see the playoffs in the near future. So, what if Kevin goes to ownership or the general manager and says…

“It’s me or Beilein.”

Obviously, his contract makes it hard to move him, but if the organization believes the theory he’s pitching and in the players they’ve brought in, it’s not hard to choose between a rookie coach and a guy who helped bring a championship to your city.

Again, this is simply a theory. There’s been no indication that Kevin has anything to do with Beilein’s potential exit. But for some reason, that’s the first thing I thought of when I first heard the story. We’ll eventually find out what the actual reasoning is. Well, maybe. If the team works out a deal with Beilein so that he leaves on his own accord, they surely wouldn’t allow that to go public.

If this does occur, I’m hoping that the Cavaliers are able to pry Assistant Coach Becky Hammon from the San Antonio Spurs.

Becky Hammon and Coach Pop with the Spurs!

She’s a championship player who’s been in one of the best systems in the NBA for several years. I can see her lighting a spark under the guards, thus allowing the team to excel. The Cavaliers are a great coaching staff away from being one of the best young teams in the league, so getting rid of Beilein, who at times has looked way in over his head, may end up being what’s needed.

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