Tuesday night, the Cavaliers shellacked the Celtics in a 110-79 affair at the Q. As exciting as the action was, I am not going to talk about the game. Instead, focusing just before the ball was tossed in the air to begin play.

Seconds before tipoff, the camera flashed to LeBron James embracing with newly acquired big man Kendrick Perkins off to the side of the floor near the scorer’s table. Now this wasn’t just a, “Bro, dap me up it’s game time” kind of deal. This was a full out hug for at least 10 seconds, maybe even more. You could see that Perkins was saying something to LeBron.

The two played AAU ball together years back, and have been fierce competitors since entering the league in ’03. Now, we’ve got the tough-minded veteran on our side.

Whatever Perkins was saying to LeBron, it seemed motivational and inspiring. As if he was intensely preaching something to the King. After all, just days earlier LeBron missed two foul shots to blow a game against the Rockets.

LeBron played inspired basketball scoring 27 points on 12/23 shooting while sitting the entire 4th quarter. Maybe just maybe some of what Perkins said fueled him.

It’s these types of moments the get overlooked, but those are important to contributing to a championship run as well. Having sound team chemistry is important. The relationship between LeBron and Perkins is very strong.

It’s just a very small sample of the great camaraderie this Cleveland Cavaliers team has.

-Zach Shafron

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