A Reflection on Steven Kwan: A Diamond in the Rough


Outfielder Steven Kwan is still just at the beginning of his professional baseball career, yet he has already been a solid player to watch for the Cleveland Guardians. At only 25 years old Kwan has been a leader for the Guardians in his rookie year of 2022. The Guardians surprised the league in 2022, winning the AL Central and making it to the postseason. Both Kwan and 3B Jose Ramirez helped lead the way for the 2022 Guardians.

First making his season debut in 2022, Kwan was a questionable player before going into the season. Many people would not have said Kwan would have won a Gold Glove in his rookie season, but he proved many wrong. Kwan is a well-balanced hitter and fielder. He has made many clutch catches and hits to lead the Guards to a successful season.

Kwan was a finalist for Rookie of the Year as well. He truly has been a diamond in the rough for our squad and this is only the beginning. As 2023 has started for the Cleveland Guardians and all of baseball, Kwan is already looking to finish what he started. He is young and has his whole career ahead of him filled with more excitement and accomplishments.

We are so lucky to have him in Cleveland and I hope he plays in Cleveland for a long time. There are so many more memories he is going to make with us as fans and with the Guardians organization. We are only at the beginning! Go Kwan and Go Guardians!!!!

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