A Prediction for Manziel’s First Start


On Sunday, Johnny Manziel will make his first NFL start for the Cleveland Browns. The charismatic, controversial, Heisman winner, will finally show the world what he has to offer. In what has been the most exciting season in recent memory for the Browns, Sunday could be the day everything changes forever. Now, to be honest, I have been behind Hoyer for most of this season. I wasn’t a Hoyer guy because I thought he was better than Manziel, but I did think at the time, that Hoyer was a better fit. That was until Hoyer stopped playing well. I don’t like to play favorites, I just want the guy who plays well and puts W’s on the score board.

Manziel has been in the spot light since his Heisman winning season at Texas A&M. Even though Manziel has seen limited time through 13 games this season, he still has a gravitational pull for media attention. Fox is televising the Browns v. Bengals on Sunday and once Johnny was announced the starter, Fox Sports upgraded their broadcast team and put Pam Oliver on the sidelines.

Johnny Manziel is a polarizing figure, and as long as he plays well, that will never change. Our staff at CleSportsTalk.net, has been arguing about Hoyer V. Manziel all season. I think we all have finally jumped to team Manziel. He has sat long enough, and he is replacing a highly disappointing Brian Hoyer. I won’t lie, I am very excited to see Johnny play an entire game. As the kids say these days, I think Manziel is going to “Ball Out” on Sunday.

Manziel’s legs and creativity are what set him apart from Hoyer. I think, his ability to scramble and improvise, are going to help receivers get open, and it will force opposing defenses to make decisions. I see Manziel having a big game on Sunday. I predict he will throw for 250 yards (plus) and run for 65 yards. He will have 2 TD’s through the air and 1 running. If Manziel plays anywhere near these stats, he will be the greatest thing in Cleveland football since Bernie Kosar.

Here is your chance Johnny. Let’s see what you have kid.

Written by Rick Giavonette

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