Instantly when thinking about Cleveland and amazing things that happened recently the mind definitely shifts to the solar eclipse and how the path went right through the Cleveland area amongst its path of totality on April 8th.

That was incredible. I think those who got to witness it can agree.

But then, just a few days later Cleveland got to see another amazing thing.

Frankly, there seems to be a “national day” for everything and obviously, they aren’t as important as days such as Christmas or New Year’s. However, April 10th was “National Siblings Day.”

The most amazing part about this day is Guardians players Josh and younger brother Bo both hit home runs in the same inning. It was en route to a 7-6 win over the White Sox at Progressive Field in 10 innings.

This detail via ESPN “The Naylors are the sixth pair of brothers since 1900 to each hit a home run in the same inning and the fourth to do it multiple times, joining the Uptons, Billy and Cal Ripken and Lloyd and Paul Waner.

The only pair to do it as opponents is Rick and Wes Ferrell in 1933. Wes Ferrell hit a home run for Cleveland in the top of the fourth inning, and in the bottom, Rick Ferrell hit a home run for Boston off his brother, who was pitching.”

It was not only amazing that the two brothers did it playing for the same team on any day, really. Even more so that it came on the “National Siblings Day.” That coincidence is astounding.

Unfortunately for my family, I will not be hitting any homers in the MLB. My brother Matthew is going to be an amazing dentist and Benny as a businessman. Even so, here’s to my amazing siblings.

After the win, the Guardians are now 9-3 and off to a hot start on the season. The team hosts the New York Yankees for a three-game series here in Cleveland coming up.

What fans might wonder is if this city will see another eclipse or a World Series next in this city. Hmmm…

“Well, We’ll have to wait until Sept. 14, 2099, before the next solar eclipse cuts through Ohio” – WKYC

Well, it’s truly been amazing what has happened in recent days. Let’s hope this team can continue its hot start to this season. I’ll be 102 when the next eclipse happens. Let me get my glasses ready and hope a World Series comes sooner…


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