I would like to begin this article by saying I really do not know the answers to this situation with Browns running back Nick Chubb and I am simply making presumptions.

We all can agree that as much as we love football, the National Football League is a business as a whole. Each team has to sell tickets for each game, merchandise in each city and viewers watching tv.

We also can agree that one of the most beloved athletes in Cleveland Sports History is Nick Chubb. He’s not only a great guy but a great player and everyone just loves him here in these parts and honestly across the entire league.

The Browns restructured Chubb’s contract for this final season and this will keep him with the team for the last year despite his injury.

Well, what’s the conspiracy theory?

The Browns know that Chubb doesn’t have much of the ability to play for this last year. That his injury was so severe and while maybe he can give it a try on the roster, likely most of the season won’t be much of anything sadly.

Frankly, the team doesn’t want to release the running back because those season ticket holders and fans want to spend money on Chubb and the Browns. If he was gone, people would get angry and upset with Cleveland.

Now, could I be wrong? Of course. Maybe the back makes a miracle recovery and ends up being great.

Chubb has racked up 6,511 yards and 48 rushing touchdowns over six seasons. His season was over after two weeks, 28 carries and 170 yards last year. Not a single touchdown was scored…

Injuries are tough and the initial pain is awful but the test it takes to make a comeback and be at that elite level is even harder for athletes. Just look at baseball pitchers who have to have Tommy John Surgery.

On a different note, the NFL Draft is later this week and CLICK HERE for Browns MOCK DRAFT. Going to guess The Dawgs take a running back in this upcoming draft at some point to fill the aforementioned void.

Before, a lot of people thought Chubb was either going to get traded or released. Now, I believe he’s going to stick around on the roster but stay on the back burner because he just doesn’t have it anymore.

Thanks for your service, Nick. It’s been an amazing six years. Hopefully, the Browns can eventually find someone half as good as you in the future.

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