A Memory of A Lifetime: The Cavs are Champions

Cleveland Cavaliers

The celebration continues! Right? You Cleveland Cavalier fans are still smiling, five years after the best day in our lives as lifelong fans of the Cavaliers and Cleveland sports teams!

I remember that evening like it was yesterday. What a moment in time for so many of us as everything in the universe stopped and we jumped up and down, hugged strangers, screamed our lungs out and cried like little kids after the Cavs dramatically beat those hated Golden State Warriors to claim the NBA title in the summer of 2016.

Do you remember?

Of course, you do! Wow!

When that Cavaliers team was down 3-1 in the title series, there wasn’t much hope. But we had Lebron James. You knew it like most of Cavs Nation. That with Lebron, back then, anything was possible.

What a comeback and what an amazing Game 7 of that series.

All my children were in high school or college then and they were all big Cavs fans. My daughter still has a crush on current Cavs forward Kevin Love. My son loved then-Cavs forward JR Smith, who was always an entertaining player and could get on those three-pointer streaks where the basket seemed as wide as the ocean.

The closing moments of Game 7 were intense. The storied blocked shot by Lebron will forever be lodged in my memory bank. Then-Cavs guard Kyrie Irving hit “the shot,” heard around Cavs Nation that sank the Warriors. There was one more defensive stand, led by my daughter’s favorite player, Kevin Love, who forced Golden State’s Steph Curry into an altered three-point shot that missed badly.

There was another missed shot by the Warriors in the final seconds, but Cleveland had a four-point lead and now the championship!

We lived in Wichita, Kansas at the time and I know all those Cavs fans around the globe heard me as I screamed with joy and ran outside my house jumping up and down like a little boy. My daughter had videotaped the moment of victory and watching a bunch of us running around screaming and crying will always be a very fond memory!

I’m hoping our next Cleveland championship comes a bit sooner than the last but getting that first one as a fan of the best sports teams in the world is fine by me too!



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