A Look Back at Attempted “Super Teams” This Decade

Updated: June 8, 2017

With this being the third consecutive matchup with Cleveland and Golden State, and presumably not the last, the conversation of “super teams” has begun to spark some controversy. In my honest opinion, there are some pros and cons about the concept. Of course, the obvious negative connotation with super teams is that they erase competition in the NBA since there are multiple top-tier players on the same team; however, there are some positives. The now-common team dynamic of two stars and good role players has been a plus for gameplay. The game looks cleaner and a lot better nowadays regardless of what your favorite washed up legend from the “tough age” has to say. This past decade has brought us a fair amount of squads that can qualify as super teams, so let’s take a look back at some notable ones (not named Golden State or Cleveland) that succeeded, as well as the ones who failed.

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