A Look at the Tribe’s 2020 Draft Picks

The Indians made good use of the six selections in this years’ shortened MLB draft. Many baseball experts, such as CBS Sports, gave the Tribe strong approval for their picks. The average draft grade was a B+ for Cleveland. This article will have a look at this year’s selections.

Carson Tucker, Shortstop, 18 years old:
Tucker was the first player the Indians chose on day one of the draft. He’s the brother of Pirates shortstop Cole Tucker. Defensively he has shown the ability to make throws from all arm angles. Scouting reports tout him as one of the best defensive shortstop prospects this year. His offensive skills remain to be seen; however, he does have good bat control and his bat speed is some of the best in class.

Tanner Burns, RHP, 21 years old:
Burns adds a ton of upside to the Indians farm system. He is a perfect fit for the Tribe’s elite pitching development department. Burns has a killer fastball with strong command on its movement. He is similar to All-Star pitcher Shane Bieber when he was acquired by the Indians. Cleveland has the best pitch development group in MLB which gives Burns an incredibly high ceiling.

Logan Allen, LHP, 21 years old:
Yes, the Indians currently have a left-handed pitcher named Logan Allen and there have already been some jokes between the players. Logan Allen who was acquired from the Padres last year in the Trevor Bauer trade tweeted this – “New guy is gonna need a new name…or start dealing right-handed. Your move Allen Logan” jokes aside, Allen is a great addition to the organization. He has great command and shows a lot of promise. Like Burns, he will certainly benefit from the Indians pitching program.

Petey Halpin, Centerfielder, 18 years old:
Halpin was one of the youngest players to be drafted as he just turned eighteen in May. He has great speed to showcase in centerfield. The upside to Halpin is he can hit. He shows solid bat control and can get hits to all areas of the field. The Indians have ability to also improve their young hitters’ ability to pull flyballs. If this is the case with Halpin he can easily see his numbers increase.

Milan Tolentino, Shortstop, 18 years old:
Tolentino is an interesting prospect with some power potential. He demonstrates solid contact skills with an above average bat speed. Defensively he shows good footwork and scouts have consistently graded him above his peers. Tolentino fits the mold of the type of player the Indians look to in their farm system.

Mason Hickman, RHP, 21 years old:
Hickman was a fifth-round pick for the Tribe who hopes he has some hidden potential. His stats from last year were solid and this year he had a 0.48 ERA prior to the early shutdown of the season. Hickman’s scouting reports have been less than promising despite his low ERA. The reason behind this is he’s a righty who hasn’t shown much velocity. He’s still worth a solid look and he’ll get the best work within the Tribe’s stellar pitching department.

With no minor league baseball being played, it’s uncertain where teams will send their drafted players to continue development. Normally, the Indians would send their picks to Goodyear, Arizona to introduce them to the organization. In 2019 the Tribe signed almost the entire draft class during the meetings in Arizona following that most of them played for the Arizona Rookie League. However, this year is completely different as teams are waiting for direction from MLB for what to with draft picks. While 2020 may not have given Indians fans baseball yet, Cleveland did a solid job in the draft.

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