A look at Notre Dame Running Back Audric Estimé


On April 25th through April 27th the NFL will be holding the College Football Draft. Many prospects will be analyzed between today and the draft weekend. Mock drafts and analysis will be posted ad nauseum on NFL fan sites, I wanted to do something different. As a beat reporter and lifetime Cleveland Browns fan. I anticipate the Cleveland Browns drafting a running back. I want to look at a prospect that is on the Browns’ radar.

Notre Dame Running Back Audric Estimé is a prototypical AFC North Running Back. He is 5’11” 227 lbs. and will turn 21 years old on September 6th. He is young and built like Nick Chubb. His performance at the NFL Combine last month was given mixed reviews. His 40-yard dash time was 4.71 seconds. He ranked fourth among running backs at the combine for athletic testing on vertical jump and broad jump. He excelled at the foot quickness drills and the bag drills. This is why he was given mixed reviews last month. What was more impressive was his production in the last two seasons at Notre Dame.

In 2022 Audric Estimé at Notre Dame rushed for 920 yards in 156 attempts with 5.9 yards rushing average. In the 2023 season at Notre Dame, he rushed for 1341 yards in 210 attempts with a 6.4-yard rushing average. Against a top-rated Ohio State defense on national television, Estimé had 14 carries for 70 yards. He averaged five yards a carry in that game. If the Browns draft him next month, he could fit nicely in a specific role.

Browns star running back Nick Chubb is coming off a serious knee injury he suffered in Week 2 in 2023. It will most likely take time for Chubb to be ready to have a full workload of carries next season. Estimé would potentially be a number two running back to spell Nick Chubb. There is no way to replace a running back like Nick Chubb. But, as the 2024 Cleveland Browns anticipate their playoff run. A fresh and ready Nick Chubb would be an integral part of the playoff push. And two quality running backs would be necessary.

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