Dear Mr. Brian Windhorst,

I am absolutely sick and tired of seeing articles about my Cavaliers with you as the author. You bolted from Cleveland with Lebron James four years ago, leaving the same town that made you a great writer. The glitz, the glam and the money of Miami is what you really wanted.

Hold up, let me check with “Windhorst Camp” to confirm the aforementioned statements.

To be honest, like me, you’re just a journalist. The impact you have on the actual outcome of the game itself is nothing. So when you left Cleveland a couple of years ago, I didn’t really take much notice.

Currently, the Cavaliers are closing in on finishing their fourth losing season in a row. Additionally, there’s a great chance 2014 is going to be the fourth straight year the Wine and Gold do not make the playoffs.

Now I’m not going to waste my time explaining the past 50 years of Cleveland sports hardships, as I’d expect you to already understand that lovely concept.

Knowing the pain us Cleveland fans go through each and every year, it boggles my mind that you, Mr. Windhorst, would have the audacity to write piece after piece bashing the Cavaliers and specifically star point guard, Kyrie Irving.

Now I’m starting to notice.

This city still has not recovered from Lebron’s decision to leave town, and now it’s your mission to scare us about our new superstar leaving here as well? Are you nuts? Your sources are bogus, Mr. Windhorst. What does ‘Kyrie Camp’ mean? I want real names!

My anger escalated when after Saturday’s Cavaliers @ Hawks game, the man himself, Kyrie Irving, wrote a few angry tweets directed at you. Here, let me quote them together.”

“Sick to my stomach with all these rumors and accusations. Can I play without media guessing at my life and putting B.S out for headlines. It brings nothing but negativity to the team and portraying me as something I’m not. I don’t want or need the attention, so it can stop now. At least be man or woman enough to come and ask me. There’s no such source as “Kyrie’s camp”, nothing but nonsense. #Clarity”
– @KyrieIrving

Very powerful words right there, Mr. Windhorst. Busted…

Thinking about the situation, I believe I know why you are writing all of these stories, Brian (I feel by this point we are on a first name basis). You flat out miss us. Miami is great, ESPN is great, but the masses of die-hard fans in Miami don’t exist like they do here in good ol’ Cleveland. We love our Cavaliers to death.

Reading you stories legitimately scared thousands of Clevelanders including myself into something that is very unlikely to happen, and will not even have the opportunity to occur until this summer.

Stop trying to be a hero, and let the actual situation pan out for itself this offseason.


Zach Shafron – Loyal Cavs Fan

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