A Complete Stoppage of Sports due to COVID 19

Sports fans have now entered a point in history that has not been seen since the horrific events of September 11, 2001; the NBA, MLS, G-League and NHL have suspended their seasons indefinitely. MLB has suspended all operations indefinitely. NASCAR will run its races at Atlanta Motor Speedway and Homestead-Miami Speedway without any fans in attendance. Many people may look at this as an overreaction, but this is what China did to prevent the spread of COVID 19 from the heights it began at there.
This type of mass suspension of league operations has not been seen since 9/11 but even then, it was not to this extent. The last time the NHL suspended its season was 1919 due to the outbreak of the Spanish Flu. All of the leagues plan to resume their seasons at some point, but the timetable is unknown to this point.

This is a sports fan’s worst nightmare, but it is what is needed to be done in order to contain COVID 19. Italy did not take the same measure that China did in order to try and contain COVID 19, which caused the extreme outbreak that has occurred in Italy. Fans do not need to worry we will find a way to fill the void that sports fill for the time being, but it is safer to postpone sports for the time being instead of putting players, fans and event staff at risk to catch such a serious disease.

The NBA took the initiative because Rudy Gobert had a positive COVID 19 test and now Donovan Mitchell has become the second NBA player to have a confirmed case of the disease. Once this took place many of the major sports leagues began to discuss the possibility of suspending their seasons. MLS was the next to decide to suspend their season, which was then followed by NHL and MLB.

As this situation becomes for fluid, it seems that much of the US will be closed in terms of schools, sports and possibly even businesses. This is something that cannot be avoided because of the severity of this disease and hopefully sooner rather than later we can all get back to normal. In the meantime, everyone should wash their hands and follow the measures that the CDC has set forth to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

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