A Cleveland Browns Thanksgiving Story

Thankful for Nick Chubb

The heart and soul of the team. Chubb is the most unselfish player I’ve seen with the Browns. All he cares about is the win. He has sacrificed personal stats and extra touchdowns he could have scored to help the team get the win. Do you remember in the Houston Texans game from a year ago when he sprinted down the sideline to an apparent touchdown, but instead he ran out of bounds at the one-yard line? The team was then able to run one play and take a knee and run out the clock for the win. That’s the type of player I’m thankful for! He now is under contract with the Browns long term and will likely finish his career with the team and end up second on the list of all-time great running backs for the franchise, only behind the legendary Jim Brown in his final stat line for rushing yards all time.


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