A Breakout Season For Carl Nassib?

Updated: August 28, 2017

In his second season in Cleveland Brown’s defensive end, Carl Nassib is working to make his presence known on the shores of Lake Erie. This is not the first time Nassib has had to earn the attention of the powers that be. The former All-American and Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year for 2015, began his college career as a walk-on for the Penn State Nittany Lions and worked his way up from bench warmer to leading the nation in sacks.

Now, I know, the pressing question is “what has he done for us lately?” Well, during his rookie season Nassib played in 14 regular season games, starting in three. Don’t yawn just yet. Nassib played several of these games with a broken hand. No small task when you think about a day on the job for a defensive end in the NFL.

In his professional debut, Nassib recorded his first NFL sack and had 2.5 sacks on the year. Again, not a huge number of sacks, but this was his rookie season with a team that was arguably outmatched in the majority of their games. So far in the 2017 preseason, Nassib has shown some fire and determination as well as hustle. Even going after his own brother, New Orleans Saints quarter back, Ryan Nassib. He received a grade of 83.1 for his play against the New York Giants in this year’s preseason matchup.

The Browns staff have been pleased with Nassib’s play and he has settled in with our community nicely, involving himself in charitable activities. He knows as well as anyone that most attention will be focused on first round pick, Myles Garrett; in a sport like football that sort of attention usually fuels a healthy competition between teammates.

Will Carl Nassib become a mega pass rusher? Only time will tell but the guy shows guts and resolve. Those are two things that are always useful in the NFL. I’m expecting good things from Nassib and believe that he is a player worth watching.

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