Do the Knicks stand a chance against the Heat?

This February 25th, the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat will meet at Madison Square Garden for their second face off this season. The last time they met, the Heat won 110-96 – will this encounter have the same outcome or do the Knicks have a chance to put a damper on the Heat?

This will be a clash between one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, and one of the teams at the bottom. Chances are good that the Heat will be able to maintain the momentum they’ve been building all season. One of the great things about basketball though, is that there is always the possibility of an upset.

This chance for an underdog to win is also what makes betting on sports such an exciting hobby. Since sports betting laws in the United States vary by state and are in the process of changing, using an online sportsbook guide can be a great way to find the best odds for you.

Is the Knicks vs Heat one of the games that is worth taking a risky bet on? Or is it a game where the expected winner is clearly going to win? Let’s take a look at how both teams’ seasons have gone so far to try to get a clearer picture of what the outcome of February 25th’s game could be.

Knicks’ season so far

The Knicks have been struggling this season and are currently sitting at 12th in the Eastern Conference. When two of the teams below you have had seasons as terrible as the Detroit Pistons and the Orlando Magic have had though, it’s hard to not feel like you’re at the bottom.

They’ve won 2 and lost 8 of their last 10 games, and are currently riding a 3 game losing streak. Overall, they’ve won 25 and lost 34 of their games this season. Away games are where they really suffer, with a win-loss rate of 6-23.

This is all particularly frustrating for a team that had such a great season last year. A lot of that might be down to the pressure that management, teammates and fans have all placed on star player Julius Randle. When one player is essentially expected to carry an entire team, it becomes an impossible situation.

A further concern is how much the defense has been struggling. This has been made worse by Derrick Rose being benched due to an ankle injury. Covid hasn’t made things any easier either – with players including RJ Barrett having to miss weeks of play.

Last season’s performance is proof that the talent is there, the Knicks just need to figure out how to use it. Finding a way to balance the pressure on their best players should help them to relax and return to form. They won’t make it to the top this year, but they don’t have to accept being at the bottom either.

Heat’s season so far

Sure, it might be a bit corny to make a joke about how the Heat have been on fire this season. Does that make it any less true? No. The Miami Heat are having a great season and they are obviously enjoying themselves.

Of the 58 games they’ve played, they’ve won 37. At home, they’re basically unstoppable with a win rate of 19-7. Away games are a bit more even, with a rate of 18-14. Many pundits weren’t expecting the Heat to do so well this year, so what’s the secret to their success?

The secret really seems to boil down to teamwork – this is a team that has rallied around one another and found depths of talent they didn’t even know existed. Illness and injury benched two of their star players for a combined 42 games, so players no one would have expected have come forward instead and excelled.

The Heat also have one of the best passing games in the Eastern Conference, if not in the NBA as a whole. The success of players who hadn’t expected to be stars, and star players’ relief that the team could flourish in their absence, has created a healthy environment that has resulted in win after win.

Transfer window changes

Just like the Cleveland Cavaliers who traded for Caris LeVert, the Knicks took advantage of this trade window to bring some fresh talent onto the team. The Knicks traded and got Cam Reddish and Solomon Hill from the Atlanta Hawks.

While Hill won’t be able to contribute this season due to a serious hamstring tear, he will be a consistent presence on the court once he’s healed. Reddish is a young player with a lot of energy who should be able to make a difference for the Knicks once he’s playing at his full strength – he’s currently also injured.

The Heat focused their trade negotiations on draft picks rather than players. They traded KZ Opala to the Oklahoma City Thunder and in exchange received a second round pick in the 2026 draft. This is the move of a manager that is confident in his current team’s abilities and is looking towards the future.

As much as we love to root for an underdog – things just don’t look good for the Knicks. There’s always a chance they will make something amazing happen, but for now it looks like the Heat will be able to add one more win to their list – we’ll have to wait and see.

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