50 Greatest Browns of All-Time: #10 WR Paul Warfield


Over the past few articles in our 50 Greatest Browns series, we have highlighted 10 players per article. As we are now at the top-10, we will give each of those 10 players their own article. These players deserve their own piece as they are the greatest of the great Browns players over the years. As always, if you missed any of the previous articles, please make sure you check them out.

Paul Warfield is an Ohioan through and through. He was born in Warren, Ohio and played his college ball at Ohio State before being drafted by the Cleveland Browns. Warfield played for the Browns from 1964 – 1969 as well as from 1976 – 1977. Between his two tenures with the Browns, he was a member of the Miami Dolphins.

Drafted at #11 overall in the 1964 Draft, Warfield paid off right away as he caught 52 passes for 920 yards and nine touchdowns and helped the Browns win a championship. In his eight seasons with the Browns, he had 271 receptions for 5,210 yards and 52 touchdowns. He was named to the Pro Bowl three times as a member of the Browns.

In what has been considered as one of the worst trades in NFL history, the Browns traded Warfield to the Miami Dolphins for the third pick in the 1970 Draft. With that pick, the Browns drafted quarterback Mike Phipps, who did little with the Browns, while Warfield continued to play at a high level and helped the Dolphins win two Super Bowls in his five seasons there.

Warfield was considered the full package as a wide receiver. He had good speed, was a precise route-runner, had sure hands and was an extremely good blocker. In 1983 he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame and in 2010 the Browns inducted him as their inaugural inductee into the Cleveland Browns Ring of Honor.

In our next article, we will unveil our #9 player on our list, any ideas of who it might be? Find out next time!


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