5 “Under The Radar” Players Cavs Should Trade For

Scenario 4: Otto Porter & Kelly Oubre for Kevin Love

When attempting to match up with the Warriors, you can never have too many versatile wings.

Porter had a breakout 2016-17 season and is going to earn a max contract because of it. It’s unclear if the Wizards would even be willing to trade him because of how instrumental he was in the team’s great season.

But if the Wizards want to make their own Big Three with John Wall, Bradley Beal and Love, that scenario just might be appealing to both sides.

Porter is a good three-point shooter and spaces the floor much like Love, but is a way better defender and can match up better against guys like Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.

Add 21-year-old Oubre into that mix and he also helps in the challenge of keeping up with Golden State’s wings and fighting through screens. To defend Golden State, it requires speed, athleticism and the ability to guard multiple positions. Some would say Love couldn’t even guard his own position.

Cleveland’s bench was atrocious in the Finals and much of that was because it was comprised of old, slow, washed up veterans. Oubre would be a huge boost in that regard.

Also, it may have earned him a suspension, but when he tackled Kelly Olynyk, there were quite a few Cavs fans who took delight in the moment and frankly, that’s an area the Cavs could probably use a little bit more of going forward: toughness. Hopefully not stupidity that leads to suspensions, but you can’t say the guy doesn’t play with fire, emotion and heart.

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