No. 2: Love about Stefanski: Gets out in the community

We always see videos and photos of the coach out in the local community and supporting the people. He’s also a father and family man so that’s a cool thing to see. He’s setting a good example for his own children and also the community around him.

No. 2: Hate about Stefanski: Doesn’t use Nick Chubb enough

Chubb should be getting 25 to 30 carries a game. He is the best running back in the league and no one should be close to his statistical numbers if he were given those extra carries. But Stefanski is hell bent on using Kareem Hunt as well to give Chubb a break. But that go between isn’t helping the team. In this last game, Stefanski didn’t play Chubb in the last series of the game. Just having him on the field has to make opponents be accountable for covering Chubb. I believe if Stefanski used Chubb exclusively as the Browns running back, his team would be in a better position to win.


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