We have entered that swing year for the Cleveland Browns coach Kevin Stefanski. He had his honeymoon season in 2020 during the pandemic and his team flourished with the help of playing in empty stadiums. He won NFL Coach of the Year that season. He even won a playoff game from his basement. He looked like he should have been on the cover of GQ Magazine. Everyone loved the Ivy league coach.

Then 2021 season happened and all the dirt that was Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry, Myles Garrett and Odell Beckham Jr. came out like a dust storm and Stefanski found himself apologizing all the time while trying to make peace with all.

Now we have entered year three and the pressure is mounting for Stefanski to keep the boat afloat or risk going down with the ship. While Stefanski has many good qualities as a coach he also has some habits that are becoming annoying quickly. Let’s look at that love and hate relationship with the coach. It didn’t have to be that way but with most things a good thing only lasts so long before we start finding flaws. Wins and losses help speed that process up and unfortunately recent losses have made Stefanski a central figure in this team’s future. Will he keep his job or will the revolving door of Cleveland coaches continue?


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