March 4, 2024

4) Gregg Williams knows what he is doing.

This guy had the defense working tonight. They were flying all over the place with very few errors. He had the defense fired up for a preseason game. He was bringing very unique looks, even dropping Danny Shelton back into coverage one play. When there is going to be a pass and it is obvious, Gregg Williams thrives. He brings the right amount of guys to make sure the quarterback makes a mistake. His defensive schemes this game have brought out the best in several players, including Nate Orchard and Trevon Coley. Coley had a strip and was relentless on defense. We are talking about a guy that was added to our PRACTICE squad last year out there making plays. Nate Orchard had the best game out of any defensive player. He was tenacious on defense and did not make a mistake. We actually have a pass rush, guys. Gregg is the truth.

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