March 4, 2024

FIVE SEC prospects Cavs should be zoning in on for NBA draft


Nick Smith, G, Arkansas 

Arkansas seems to be the mecca of potential NBA basketball stars these days. Nick Smith is another rising prospect. He’s been projected to be drafted very high but has been nursing a knee injury and has missed most of his freshman year prior to the injury. He was scoring 15 to 20 points before he was injured. Since his return, he’s been limited with his minutes on the court and thus his production has been downsized a bit. However, the 6’5 guard has “NBA Star” written all over him.

I have a feeling that despite the high projections in the draft and because of his injury that he may fall further in the first round than most expect. If the Cavs want to take a risk on a player, kind of like they did with Darius Garland, who only played a limited number of games at Vanderbilt prior to being drafted in 2019, Smith could be another solid risk if Cleveland were to move up in the latter half of the first round.


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