5 Reasons The Cavaliers Will Win The Central Division


1.Team Healthy (Excluding Varejao) & Streaking Lately.
Coming into the season and also during the season, many concerns with the team pointed to the fact that the team wouldn’t be healthy. Although this concern was very well warranted earlier in this season, it seems that Wine and Gold have turned it around in the medical department. After battling knee soreness earlier in the year, LeBron James has battled back and has earned player of the week for the previous week. Earlier this year, in a game in which LeBron James did not play, Kyrie Irving suffered an injury scare. Throughout most of the Cavalier players’ careers, they have suffered minor injuries. The only injury that is glaring is Anderson Varejao’s. Like always, “Knock on wood”. The Cavaliers have also gelled quickly since the acquisitions of J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, and Timofey Mozgov, leading to a 6 game winning streak heading into their game against divisional foe Detroit.
2. Pacers Reeling After Injuries/Departures.
After they lost Paul George to a horrific leg injury during an USA Men’s exhibition game, many knew the Pacers would be in for a long season. Although there has been video of George now having the ability to dunk, he is far from coming back this season to contribute. Little did they know that their entire core would never be together for the entire 2014-2015 season. In the off-season the Indiana Pacers lost one of their best perimeter defenders, Lance Stephenson. Stephenson signed with Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets. Until the Pacers get every piece back from injury, they won’t contend for even an 8th seed in the East.
3. Bulls Struggling As Of Late.
Coming into this season many knew that the Cavaliers and Bulls would compete for the top seed in the division. Even with the recent struggles that have plagued the Cavaliers, they still have had a chance to gain on the lead that the Bulls hold in the division. In the last 10 games Chicago is 4-6 as opposed to Cleveland’s 6-4. In the past injuries have plagued the Bulls and stopped them from taking that next step. The biggest problem is that now the Bulls are healthy but they aren’t taking many strides. The biggest injury this season for the Bulls is their rookie Doug McDermott, who went out due to surgery on his right knee. Rumors around the locker room point to the lack of motivation from leader Derrick Rose.
4. Bucks Shone – For A Short Time.
Filled with extreme promise coming into this season after having the 2nd pick in the past draft, the Bucks, with Jabari Parker looking poised to take the title of “Rookie of the Year”, seemed to have a bright future. But early on the season Parker drove to the rim against the Phoenix Suns and suffered a torn ACL. On the bench the Bucks back up point guard Kendall Marshall suffered a torn ACL as well. The biggest question mark on the Bucks roster is the enigma of Larry Sanders. After being warned multiple times to stop his weed usage, Sanders did not comply, and was recently suspended for 10 games without pay for his blatant weed usage. Until the team can get healthy and stay on course, the Bucks will never contend for the top spot in the division.
5. The Streaking Pistons.
After waiving Josh Smith the Pistons went on a rampage. Even after that rampage and their continuation of play at a high level, they are still 9 games under .500. They are also 11.5 games behind the division-leading Chicago Bulls. In addition they suffered the recent season ending injury to point guard Brandon Jennings. Jennings, who was having a career season before going down, was contributing in ways never seen before by him. The good play and clicking of the team just happened a little too late.

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